Welcome Yoginis & Yogis!

There might be a few reasons why you landed here… these are our best guesses:

· our name gives it away 😉

· you’ve come across Traditional Chinese medicine before (we’ll call it TCM from now on)… and some of its ideas really resonatedbut wow… when you start looking into it… where to begin? So many questions.

· you’ve done many TTCs and workshops because one of the perks of being a yoga teacher is that you never stop learning. But now you want practical ways to help your students both on and off the mat

· the yoga you teach has a profound impact and you are totally committed to your students but you are looking for more holistic tools to empower them

· you know yoga isn’t just the physical practice but you’re not confident integrating the energetic side of things into your classes

· you care about your health, but despite all the yoga you do, some things are just not changing and you’d like to understand why

· or maybe you're just going through a bit of a “rough patch” with your practice or feeling like something is missing in your teaching? You want new inspiration and content!


If one or more of the above applies to you, chances are you have tried different things: buying books, trawling the internet for answers, taking trainings which ticked a few boxes but left a lot of unanswered questions. 

Maybe you had some very positive experiences when you visited your acupuncturist/ shiatsu/Thai yoga massage practitioner and wish you could understand more about it and even integrate it into your class. 

You started learning about meridians and the 5 elements, you might have even checked your tongue in the morning but… how to communicate all of this to your students panting in utkatasana or napping in caterpillar?

You have explored yoga’s energetic side such as prana, doshas and koshas but there wasn’t enough time to go into details!

The thing is, there is no denying that TCM is a vast system of medicine which is not part of our culture or way of thinking. So of course it is totally normal to feel overwhelmed and wonder where to even start.

On top of that, books that link TCM with yoga are few and far between. 

Yes, there are some excellent yoga trainings out there that touch upon TCM but let’s face it, because there is so much other content that needs to be covered, Chinese medicine often takes the back stage.


· giving your students tools to understand themselves better and impacting them deeply with your teaching in ways that empower them

· talking about prana/qi, meridians or the 5 elements and feeling at ease, inspired and without fear of alienating some your students (which probably means losing them) 

· applying TCM to your yoga without ever feeling that you are faking it to make it

· using your knowledge of TCM to positively reclaim your own health and well being

.… and that is why this course was created!

To bridge the gap between two marvellous worlds: yoga & TCM!

We are

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Yoga and TCM are the source of inspiration that infuse our day lives and work. We've witnessed how the two enhance each other and that is why we've manifested and created “TCM 4 Yoga”.  We believe you can benefit so much from the wisdom of TCM without having to change career!

Our desire for this course is to give you accessible information that you can use straight away in your teaching and practice.

We’ve spent countless hours and £€$ for trainings including degrees and masters. We are fully committed to our personal and professional development and want to share what we’ve learnt with you!

We’re fed up with seeing TCM reduced to tiger penises, lines drawn on 2D bodies and a few pages at the end of training manuals. Chinese medicine is so much more than that. 

As fully qualified and experienced TCM practitioners and yoga teachers, we can skilfully speak the language of both worlds. As trainers on TTCs, we have witnessed the difficulties of yoga teachers trying to apply TCM to their teaching. That’s why one of the main priorities for this course is to give you simple, useful and practical ways to embody the traditional knowledge of Chinese medicine into both your yoga and daily life. Rather than you spending hours reading over information that is clearly designed for TCM clinicians, we’ve distilled this knowledge for you to use that’s within the scope of your yoga teaching and practice.  

And don’t forget… you get two teachers for the price of one!

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8 Modules at your own pace. Monthly Zoom Calls to ask us any questions!

£ 149

Join Us!

STARTS 1st MAY 2022


· access to your online learning platform, where all the course information is easily accessed, navigated and downloadable 

· 8 modules covering various topics which you can use and apply directly into your yoga practice and teaching

· all information delivered in different learning formats: visuals, audio recordings, downloadable written text and online classes

· 5 full classes demonstrating how Chinese medicine is integrated into yoga classes 

· more than 20 videos on meridian explorations as well as guided yoga nidra & meditation practices

· downloadable sequencing ideas and themed classes 

· lifetime access. For the lifetime of the course, you will have full access to all updates 

· monthly Zoom calls to ask us any questions & meet other participants on TCM4YOGA

· secure payment methods and money back guarantee if you are not satisfied within one week of starting the course